They deny the blocking of the social network X in Pakistan amid allegations of election fraud

Islamabad, February 19 (EFE).- A human rights organization reported on Monday about the social blockade.

“Disruption or shutdown of the Internet or any social media bleeds online business and commerce and adds to the stress of an already strong and struggling business. It also violates the human right to freedom of expression,” said the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in a statement.

Pakistani users complained about the blocking of the network in various parts of the country, reported the Downdetector portal, which also reported that the X remained inactive for a day.

The cybersecurity organization NetBlocks has confirmed last Saturday the beginning of blocking the country of this same social network, which happened with the holding of several attacks in Pakistan against the currency result of the election.

The restrictions, which have not been confirmed by the authorities or the body responsible for communication, were extended on Sunday in what NetBlocks called “the current and longest in many countries Internet censorship measures by the police based on reports of voter fraud.”

This blocking of the social network X in addition to others imposed by the authorities in recent weeks, such as the suspension of mobile services before the election will open almost two last week.

The general election ended without a single party having enough of a majority to govern alone, and was marked by accusations of massive fraud.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose candidates had to show themselves as independent when established lost its election symbols because of the court decision, about ninety seats in the National Assembly of 266. in the run..

The party claims, however, that they should get 177 representatives, allegations of fraud have been widened by the resignation last Saturday of the chief executive of the city of Rawalpindi , after admitting his role in manipulating the results of Pakistan’s general election.

The Muslim League (PML-N) of three former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the second and third most elected with 75 and 54 seats, announced that they will form a group to rule the country. the country with former president Shehbaz Sharif at the head. EF

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