These are the steps to increase your sales through videos in social networks

You just need a clever name and tell a good story to become a model on Instagram or Tik Tok.

“Lord”, that is what the man called himself Peruvian business dedicated to the sale of women’s clothing that is positioning itself in the network.

He appears in the test videos of the clothes he sells and takes the time to show the quality of the clothes, to ensure that his customers will improve their image.

Sebastián Cuenca, expert in business Digital shows the production of these videos to increase the sales of the business and through RPP has given the details of how to show the products.

Catchy title

“A great title at the beginning of your video, which invites your audience to watch the whole video; For example: ‘five tricks for…’, or maybe ‘some tips to dress better’, or maybe a name that invites people to say ‘stay until the end because I will have a surprise for you'”, he explained.

Video time

The business expert indicated that the length of the video is diverse and it all depends on what we want to show in it; That’s why the story we seek to tell is important here.


“One starts in the first three seconds, quickly the plans that will appear during the video and at the end of your video calls to action that show that they can be done when end of the video,” he added.

Artificial intelligence if you don’t have charisma

Sebastián Cuenca also agreed to surrender Artificial intelligenceif there are no charismatic characters to star in the video.

“You can create a video with someone or just using images or even using Artificial Intelligence; that is, the voice-over of applications that exist today such as Cap Cut.

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