These are the devices that use the internet the most in a home Wi-Fi network

In the digital age, the home has become a connected ecosystem where many devices compete for Wi-Fi bandwidth. From smartphones to the latest phones, the demand for internet connection at home has increased exponentially in recent years.

Devices that use the internet in general

Smartphones and tablets

At the heart of the digital revolution are mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have become an increasingly important part of life, and their appetite for Wi-Fi bandwidth is unquestionable. The constant demand for app updates, instant messaging, social networking, and high-definition video streaming puts the mobile phone at the top of the list for home internet users.

The popularity of mobile devices is reflected in the use of internet traffic. Social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, take up a significant portion of that bandwidth. In addition, streaming video on platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu is one of the activities most often performed on these devices.

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The popularity of mobile devices is reflected in the use of internet traffic. | Video: Getty Images

However, not everything is fun and exciting. Remote work and education have also led to an increase in the use of mobile devices for video conferencing, online classes, and real-time collaboration. The diversity of these activities makes mobile devices at the top of the list for internet users at home, challenging our ability of Wi-Fi networks to succeed.

Did you know that the proximity of the WiFi router to the TV can create electrical interference?

Some connection problems can be solved by simply changing the location of the WiFi router in relation to the TV. | Video: Getty Images


Samsung has announced the innovations that its TVs will have in 2024

When a smart TV is in use, it can consume a lot of data. | Video: Samsung official / Provided to the press

When a smart TV is used, it can consume a lot of data, especially when streaming content in high definition or higher resolutions such as 4K. A movie of good quality can consume many gigabytes of data, which means quickly to the stress of your home Wi-Fi network.

The popularity of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and others has led to an increase in time spent in front of smart TVs. Marathons of series, movies and sports competitions in streaming They provide constant bandwidth usage, often competing with other home networking devices.

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