These are 26 wifi areas with free internet in Bogotá

As part of the initiative ‘Connect Bogota’ carried out by the Mayor’s Office, its main objective is to reduce the digital divide in the city, 26 Wifi Zones are working in 16 places.

This regional service, led by the Department of Development of ICT and operated by the Bogotá Telecommunications Company (ETB), is available to all residents of the city and visitors to the city.

Among the 16 cities with this service is Sumapaz, the largest rural area in Bogotá, where 5 Wi-Fi areas and 5 Networking Offices work, benefiting more than 7,500 a person with an internet connection and access to technology.

Next, we will tell you what are the tips you should follow to access the internet in the Wi-Fi area of ​​Bogotá:

1. Open Wifi (wireless connection option) on your device and select the network called WIFI Bogotá.

2. Log into the capture portal and fill in your information.

3. Answer the validation questions.

4. Accept the ‘Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’.

5. Enjoy the search.

Please note that the maximum time for each session is one hour.

Use this service to do your daily activities: study, work, communication, entertainment and much more. Also, learn about the District’s information and offers at or through Chatico, the virtual representative of the city available on the WhatsApp line: 3160231524.

Location of Wi-Fi zones by location:

📍 aAntonio Nariño: Plaza Restrepo.

📍 aUnited Neighborhoods: Barrio Gaitán Park.

📍 aBosa: Bosa Foundation Park.

📍 aChapinero: Calderón Forest and El Virrey Park.

📍 aLocation: San Andrés Park.

📍 aCiudad Bolivar: SuperCADE Manitas and Arborizadora Alta park.

📍 a Kennedy: Kennedy Hospital and Dindalito Park in Bellavista.

📍 aLa Candelaria: Plaza Rosario.

📍 aThe Martyrs: Bronx Creative District.

📍 aSanta Fe: La Perseverancia community park and Santander park.

📍 aSuba: Suba Foundation Park.

📍 aTunjuelito: Central Park and Venice Park.

📍 aUsaquén: Simón Bolívar Hospital and Los Cerezos II Park.

📍 aUsme: La Aurora Park and San Cayetano Park.

📍 aRafael Uribe Uribe: Olaya Herrera Stadium Park.

📍 aSumapaz: It has 5 points in: Vereda La Unión, Vereda San Antonio, Vereda Las Auras, Vereda Betania and Vereda San Juan.

Take advantage of the benefits of connectivity and be part of the digital talent that transforms Bogotá into a smarter place. We invite you to consult the list with 286 ‘Conéctate Bogotá’ points at the following link: 👉 here

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