There is no internet connection service at Farmácia Cidadã da Serra

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According to the Ministry of Health, the service of Farmácia Cidadã should return to normal next Thursday (28). Credit: Reader disclosure

Users of Farmácia Cidadã, in Jardim Limoeiro, Serra, are experiencing service problems at the room due to the lack of internet connection.

The service was not carried out on Monday (25) or Tuesday (26) due to problems. More than 50 people were awaiting treatment at the scene on Tuesday morning.

The Department of Health (Sesa) has confirmed that the State Department of Health in Serra has been without internet since Monday afternoon (25) and explained that the The optical equipment is broken and the maintenance team is ready to repair it in the shortest possible time.

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He also said that emergencies are self-healing. Anyone who does not need to write a prescription on Tuesday (26) should do so next Thursday (28).

Sesa also advises that on-site staff are available to provide guidance to users.

Farmácia Cidadã operates at Rua Graça Aranha, 90, Jardim Limoeiro, Serra. Call: 27 3636 8416, 3636 8417, 3636 8418.

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