The world could be without internet in 2024, according to scientists

Scientists warn that the world could be without internet in 2024. According to professor and researcher Peter Becker, internet communication and satellite and geolocation systems (GPS) will stop working for months, and power lines will be interrupted regularly.

The professor, who also studies solar activity and participates in a project aimed at warning of the occurrence and intensity of solar storms, explained that there is a large ionized gas of temperature, and when this gas reaches the Earth’s magnetic field, Geomagnetic storms. can occur, which is the result of an explosion in the sun’s corona.

According to Peter, a solar storm occurred in 1859, and at the time, some workers were electrocuted, because the wires had high voltage. Now the same thing could happen by 2025, and it is likely to happen as early as next year. “Now, a coronal mass can cause the system for several weeks or several months, and the whole system must be repaired,” he predicted.

In order to avoid, or at least try to minimize its effects, a group of scientists, together with the United States Department of Science, tried to create a warning system for the population around around 18 hours before the storm.

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