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The Barcelona club has a contract with Nike until 2028

He wants more money from the American people because the market gives him better conditions

The vice president of marketing of FC Barcelona, ​​​​Juli Guiu, explained last week in an interview in this newspaper that the Barça brand is better than ever. He argued this with the records achieved by the club’s commercial center last season with a profit of 351 million euros, 43% more than the previous year, and with the fact that more and more names want to connect with Barça. . There are twenty new ‘partners’ accepted.

Some of these brands are sportswear. More than one (Puma among them) has approached the club Blaugrana if it is willing to break the relationship it has had with Nike since back in 1998.with the agreement that President Josep Lluís Núñez signed at that time and that has been updated and modified over the years and with some frustrations along the way.

The latest change took place in 2016. It was then that the president of Barça, Josep Maria Bartomeu, signed a contract with the American multinational that came into force in 2018 and continues until 2028. That contract, approved at the time by the Assembly of Workers, costs 155 million euros per season, although the truth is that only 66 million, between stable and flexible, corresponding to the income support..

The Barça organization has also recovered all the marketing of the club, previously managed by Nike through FCB Merchandising and since 2018 managed by Barça through BLM, the ball diamond in the crown of the club’s business and which the Board of Directors recognized in recent months. that it will not become a new power even with the permission of the Assembly of Workers to sell up to 49.9% of the business to one or more investors.

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Well, now the board of directors from Joan Laporta is willing to listen to the names that have reached the club to check if it is willing to change. And also, obviously, talking with Nike, decided that the contract that is still valid for this season and four more should be reviewed because it is old and because the market has given Barça more money than is currently being received by America’s diverse population. portland. There have been discussions between Barça and Nike in this direction and they have not been tense, but the club’s position is clear in this regard. You want more money because the market offers you better conditions now approved.

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