The song ‘Zorra’ revolutionizes social networks: analysis of its impact | Investigation

‘Zorra’, the song of In Nebula who will represent Spain in Eurovision Festival 2024 Next May (from May 7 to 11) in Sweden, has created a good relationship in the relationship.

According to the information provided by Comscore After verifying all the views of the video with the word ‘bitch’ on social media, on Saturday, February 3, the day that Benidorm Fest was held, the song created by the Alicante duo created by María Bas and Mark Dasousa more complete. more than 3.3 million views, a figure that increased after the holidays. So, despite the hangover award, on Monday, February 5, it almost doubled this figure by achieving 5.9 million views.

About the distribution of this phenomenon, especially those key works ‘slut’ from different platforms, the best attention was focused on YouTube (43%), followed by TikTok (29%), X, previously Twitter (15%) and Facebook (13%) .

Finally, the top channels on YouTube show RTVE, Poland and Eurovision as our news that recorded the most views with all the videos published.


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