The Sofofa Commission will review the additional information that Cencosud will provide

October 11, the Sofofa Internal Relations and Ethics Commission met to verify the situation of the former CEO of Cencosud, Matías Videla, after being fined by the Financial Market Commission (CMF) for the use of privileged information, and agreed to call the company to complete all background information. This meeting was held last Thursday, in a awkward conversation in which the president of Cencosud participates, Heike Paulmannand where companies agree to provide additional information about their corporate governance.

In time, where more Heike Paulmann joined by the company’s lawyer, Sebastián Rivera, they released information related to the internal process of the company’s sales, as Gonzalo Russi explainedSecretary of the Ethics Commission and general secretary of the union.

Likewise, he has shown that in the example that he has seen like that Cencosud will present more information related to his business management in the coming week, which will be reviewed by Comission of Sofofa Ethics before reaching a conclusion.

Eon October 4, CMF uses a many more UAF 15,000 (equivalent to $543,035,250) to Matías Videla, accused of using privileged information when acquiring 613,026 shares of a retail holding company for a total amount of $799,998,502 (without VAT) in May Month 2022, and will also announce that the background information. Public Ministry.

According to resolution 7222 of the CMF, the person who is penalized has violated the prohibition of receiving securities from use internal datathink in article 165 of the Securities Market Law.

Videla followed suit General Manager of Cencosud in December 2019, and resigned from the post on October 17.

In this case, the Argentine leader warned the company of the board of his resignation “to focus on his defense of the charges made by the Financial Market Commission (CMF).” The resignation was approved by the Board of Directors.who thanked Videla for his performance in his 26 years in the company.

For a while, Cencosud was elected president Renato Gutiérrez GonzálezWHO UC commercial engineer and has been with the company for more than 17 years.

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