The Smou ‘app’ now provides information on 300 car parks in Barcelona

Those Application formthat you can pick one Biking how to pay Blue Zonealready included information on 300 underground stations in the city. It is twice as much as it was a year ago, which allows drivers who use this application Barcelona City Hallwork from BSMthey can find a parking space for their car faster, which will help reduce the number of calls big car. Here 300, the ‘app’ is available information on time of a hundred of them, which means that they know number of places all the time. Of the other 200, the application provides the location and all the holes, but no new information.

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Cooperation between the council and the Barcelona Garage Guild was important for Smou to be able to double your service in a short time. In total, the application provides information on 80,000 off-road parking plates, 78% more than a year ago. Of the 100 that provide information in time, 44 members of the BSM public network and the rest is personal. At the moment, only those who belong to the council are allowed to pay through Smou, but that is something that, over time, they want to expand to a wider network. underground parking that is not public.

Better plan

Smou, according to BSM data, has around 985,000 users in Barcelona and its major cities and together around twenty mobility services. In 2022, the application has completed an average of 45,000 daily operations, with a total of 16.4 million operations. Many years ago it was considered the circulation of drive to find a place to live or, simply, the place that will leave the car, creating 20% ​​of the traffic. With many preparation and less time to turn, consumption is reduced and, more importantly, congestion and, therefore, pollution is reduced.

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