The power of data to do better business

In such a changing business and in a higher risk business, companies need to know who their potential customers and suppliers are, and reduce the availability ability to be a target or be connected, for unknown reasons, with crime, fraud, fraud. , corruption and crime, among others.

That is why knowing the environment of companies and sellers is very important to cooperate with friends whose business behavior is transparent in their action and, most importantly, weight.

In this mission, information becomes important and companies like INFORMA D&B have the responsibility of helping their customers make decisions based on reliable business information. .

José Antonio Teijelo, director of Corporate Development and International Relations of this company, explains that his job is to “provide economic, financial, business and marketing information to companies and business people to have knowledge of customers and suppliers, and thus reduce the risk of business. .

The benefit of this type of service is in the fact that it attracts and helps the business of companies with prior knowledge, and in time, of resources and business, and use better management of current customers.

“This information is done, essentially, that is, before the user needs it, as all public and private information is available in the market so that companies can have an idea clear about who their customers are, where they live, what they do and what their ability to pay is, among other things, “Teijelo said.

And he added: “Finally, access to all this information allows us to really know what we are doing as well as to develop consistent and clear lending strategies. desired level of risk.”

The company also conducts research and collects information to provide its users with complete information on services that allow them to have a better business and cooperate with suppliers. reliable.

Information for all companies

INFORMA D&B is also present in Spain and Portugal, and has been in Colombia since 2021. This year it estimates the local economy of nearly 21,000,000 million pesos, 17% more than in 2022.

Its data services are suitable for both large companies, or heavy users, and small organizations that want to know more about their environment and want to identify good customers, partners hands and vendors.

“The objective of risk reduction and its writing has increased. Now, we must refer to the dangerous goods, when it comes to suppliers, the risk of business, impact on customers, and risk compliance with financial transactions and business management. These are topics of interest to companies in all areas of production and at all big,” explains José Antonio Teijelo.

Juan María Sainz, CEO and director of INFORMA D&B, points out that “in our countries where we have operations we have traditional publications and another that we offer on the Internet, called eINFORMA , and that allowed us to increase our data. base of customers. In Spain, for example, with our traditional rules we have registered nearly 8,000 customers and in Internet, 80,000.”

The same thing happened in Portugal. The number of subscribers is approximately 4,000 in the traditional form, and 15,000 in eINFORMA. In Colombia, the figures have about 2,000 and 5,000 customers, respectively.

“eINFORMA’s customers are people who are not in the traditional business and want specific information from certain companies or suppliers. Many want that information once and others use it more. So, we have managed to expand our business interest and power,” Sainz said.

New technologies and added value

Regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), two INFORMA D&B managers agree that this technology is the future in data analysis, a business that is connected to IT.

“Before he believed that there was enough information. Now, information is considered a commodity and it is necessary to provide more useful information. That means that investing in analytics, which is something we’re already doing, creating value-added products, creating processes and applications that help customers, and using AI,” said about the director of INFORMA D&B.

The use of technology helps these activities to provide a lot of information and, at the same time, requires a huge investment to be able to provide customers with the information they really need.

“We don’t stop at the layer of collecting and processing that data, which is not small, but we are integrating more processes by using artificial intelligence and machine learning, etc., which allows us to deliver more. added value to the market so that companies have more and better tools or elements of decision when evaluating their activities, “see Jose Antonio Teijelo.

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