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The current distribution model for internet access in Brazil has many problems that need to be fixed so that everyone has the right to use this service. This is the main point of the Libera Minha Net campaign, which has announced the end of the current franchise data, as well as mobile plans that ensure the minimum speed completely after the end of the franchise agreement, promoting freedom of access without restrictions.

“The goal is that access to the internet in Brazil is to be more unlimited, more global, more useful for everyone. Today we think that access on the Internet there are many restrictions because, in our assessment, (is ) illegal”, explained. Paloma Rocillo, director of the Internet and Society Reference Institute (Iris) and Iris representative in the Working Group on Internet Access, in an interview with the program. Good day.

He explained that the so-called mobile internet is operated in Brazil by franchises, which are data packages that the user buys from the operator. When you use it, (the buyer) will consume these balls until it reaches zero. When the franchise ends, there are two options: the operator cuts off access to the internet and only allows certain applications for which they have a commercial agreement, or it reduces the internet so fast that it is impossible to enter.

“In our assessment, this franchise model has limited access to the internet. It is very problematic, because it affects the poorest people, those who do not have enough money , more. the whole month, they will enjoy the internet every month long, while those with low budget are held by the workers”, said Paloma.

The director of Iris emphasizes that the Federal Constitution and infra-constitutional laws, such as Marco Civil da Internet, mean that access to the Internet is a right and, therefore , cannot be limited. In addition, using the network guarantees access to other rights, such as education, work and health.

“These are the rules that, without the internet, you can’t practice. In 2024, how can a student study well without the internet? It’s absolutely impossible. , do for example Paloma.

The purpose of the campaign is, among other things, to pressure the government, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the National Congress and the Ministry of Communications to guarantee legal access to the internet .

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