The Ombudsman will request information from the Madrid City Council about the location of the canton of Vicálvaro


The Ombudsman has announced that he will request information from the Madrid City Council about the location of the project that is planned to become the city of Vicálvaro, and he has raised complaints from residents of the area .

In particular, the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, decided “it is necessary to request information from the City Council on the issues mentioned” in the complaints sent by the residents of Vicálvaro, as listed in the document that the institution sent to the neighbors.

Neighbors presented their complaint to the Ombudsman on September 22 after noticing that “diggers entered a corner of their Forest Park and started removing trees, digging without the documents signed and without the City Council responding to the discussions that they have done before. list and transparent portal, and have not yet received an answer to the complaint filed with the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office a week before,” as announced by the Vicálvaro Neighborhood Platform affected by the Canton of Forest Park in a statement.

In a letter of complaint to the Ombudsman they asked for the immediate cessation of the activities until the Madrid Department of Justice can learn more about the possible environmental violations. They also requested that the City Council request an environmental impact report for “the destruction of what has been a green area for more than 20 years.”

In the same way, they argued that “the destruction of biodiversity and sustainability of the Forest Park will be avoided, because there is a changeable environment”, because less than 100 meters away are commercial buildings ” with plans available and already decided”, Where from January 2023, the City Council has built a block at 51 Santeras Street.

“One thing that the neighbors still don’t understand is why the work continues to be done at such a speed and with complete secrecy, even though no information has been released in the area yet,” they said. speak out.

The residents of Vicálvaro cannot believe that the City Council continues to “ignore and despise” them after two attacks in the streets of Vicálvaro, and after the opening of the hearing by the Office of Justice.

The Vicálvaro Neighbors Concerned Platform showed “all the denials and denials of the City Council that clearly informed the neighbors after receiving the majority of the vote, something that they believe is completely against the law and always for the past in “saying that this behavior is typical of the dictatorships and the enlightened despotism of the past centuries.”

In addition, he has repeatedly confirmed in the request to leave the representative of Urban Planning, Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, for “he has no desire to negotiate, he has no political ability ownership and for defrauding the public.”

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, expressed his “full and clear” respect for the process opened to investigate the location of the canton of Vicálvaro and defended that they were done “according to the law.”

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