The new PS5, regardless of model, must have the internet to synchronize the player

PS5 New

The images that show the installation process for the new PS5 confirm that an Internet connection is once required to synchronize the removable disk.

The photos were shared on social media by users who received the new PS5 before the release date.

The new console installation procedure confirmed that an Internet connection must be connected to the new PS5 disk, which is designed to be removed, as indicated by the desired image of the box last month. This will be a security measure to ensure that the disk drive is legal and complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Importantly, the image also confirms that the version of the PlayStation 5 that comes with a disc drive also requires online authentication once.

In other words, no matter which model the user buys of the new PS5 (with or without a reader), it will be necessary to connect to the Internet once for the reader to be synchronized with the console.

If you missed it, see the photos of the new PS5, including a comparison with the original model.

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