The mysterious story: Elon Musk and the collision of giants behind Twitter (sorry, X)

X's new strategy includes a special in-house team hoping to overcome the industry's historical challenges in terms of content.  (REUTERS)
X’s new strategy includes a special in-house team hoping to overcome the industry’s historical challenges in terms of content. (REUTERS)

A genius, a revolutionary, a watcher, a man who got his hands on a network whose users decide how much they and who they change? Twitter – now,

Elon Musk has to do two important things together, according to two new projects that try to understand him. One is to guarantee freedom of speech. to the end result – which may not be so in practice – Other, generate income.

The text in question is Fight for the bird (Battle for Children), by Kurt Wagnerthe y Very hardcore (Very hardcore)of Good Schiffer. Both provide a deep and different analysis of the challenges and contradictions that have marked the direction of the company in the role of Musk and his boss, Jack Dorsey.

But they don’t see things the same way. When Wagner focused on business and how Dorsey became uncomfortable with the pressures of running a business, Shipper explore Musk’s management, leading to a crisis that follows him from the discussion.

“Battle for the Birds”. The debate on Twitter.

According to Wagner, Dorseyencouraged by his new passions Bitcoinstarted away from himself Twitter, even after trying to reposition it as a place for real journalism. However, he also noted that Dorsey refused to accept the costs and responsibilities of a true news organization, saying that the network’s role was only to provide a platform for the overlap of voices. .

Until then Donald Trump yes vetoed January 2021 to support the popular movement, Dorsey It seems unlikely that Twitter expanded on the former Republican president’s controversial statement: “I think we need to listen to all the needs to find a balance,” he kept repeating back in 2016.

According to Wagner, “directing Twitter has turned A little fun for Dorsey“. With Musk it is less pious: he reiterates clearly how he puts the platform at risk by firing part of his staff; tell employees who are still “trying to do strange things” and then fight them, as well as recycling the limited amount of money when breaking the language he doesn’t like.

Jack Dorsey.  Cofundador and ex SEO of Twitter.  (REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis/File Photo)
Jack Dorsey. Cofundador and ex SEO of Twitter. (REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis/File Photo)

In his work, Wagner give more information about Reasons why Musk bought Twitter: He said when the problem happened Your request to close @ElonJet has been deniedan account run by Jack Sweeney that uses publicly available information track private jet from the South African businessman, who upset the father of 11 children. Since then he started buying Twitter shares and soon after sitting down to talk with its founder, Jack Dorseywith the idea of ​​getting a seat on the board before agreeing to buy the social media platform outright.

On the other hand, Schiffer shows how to do it Muskwith his brash and direct personality, facing significant difficulties in going from being an active Twitter user to his the masterwhich further complicates his management of the company.

Very hardcore takes its name from a memo that the founder of Tesla sent to Twitter employees shortly after acquiring the company. “The characteristics that cause Musk good at tweeting – together of shame and humiliation– they were very bad at running Twitter,” said Schiffer, quoted by Washington Post. These comments show that Musk’s personal style, which once helped him stand on the platform, has become difficult when he feels that he is the leader.

Donald Trump's account has been deleted.  (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/Illustration/File Photo)
Donald Trump’s account has been deleted. (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/Illustration/File Photo)

Experimentation Musk for reincorporating Donald Trump to the platform, after his veto in January 2021 example one of the challenges. The process of restoring the @realDonaldTrump account has proven to be more difficult than expected, given the departure of many engineers capable of carrying out orders from him. Musk. This practice shows the conflict in the management of the platform that interferes between being a free forum for teaching and about the social responsibility that comes with it.

In addition, Schiffer provides insight into the inner life of Twitter under the control of Musk, described him as a difficult leader, making unreasonable demands and endangering current and former employees. Schiffer writes, “He makes unreasonable demands, refuses to listen to advice, and endangers his current and former employees with constant threats, ” Schiffer wrote, referring to the crisis that has plagued the company since Musk’s arrival.

Very hardcore.  Zoë Schiffer's book about Elon Musk and X.
Very hardcore. Zoë Schiffer’s book about Elon Musk and X.

Despite the competition and controversy that has plagued Twitter, the authors of the two books maintain a collaborative approach. “It may seem strange for competing authors to interview each other about their books on similar topics. But Kurt and I have become friends throughout this process. “Schiffer commented, expressing the collaboration and shared understanding that the Twitter story is big and needs to be told from multiple perspectives.

This post comes at an important time for X, provides an in-depth exploration of the challenges that have defined its recent history and raises questions about its future. As the platform prepares to celebrate its 18th anniversary, all eyes will be on both its past and the potential future it will hold as its current leaders. try this.

“Elon Musk”; by Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson, known for his autobiographies such as Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, wanted to Elon MuskCEO of Tesla y SpaceX and the owner of X (previously Twitter), is the subject of his recent work. Unlike his previous biographies, Musk is still alive, which presents a unique challenge for Isaacson in trying to capture the essence of such images that still exist in the world of technology. Nausea. Book, title Elon Muskkcovering everything from Musk’s difficult childhood in South Africa to his recent forays into ownership of one of the world’s most influential social networks.

infobae do
(“Elon Musk” can be purchased in digital format on Bajalibros by clicking here)

There Isaacson says, for example, a great training: “At the age of twelve, they took him by bus to a great training: survival camp in that, called school field. «Era Lord of the flies in a paramilitary version, “he said. Each child received a small amount of food and water, and was allowed—in fact, encouraged—to fight. «Bullying is considered a virtue», said his younger brother, Kimbal. Grown children quickly learn to punch the little ones in the face and take their stuff. Elon, who is short and mentally clumsy, was hit twice. He ended up losing almost five kilos.

By the end of the first week, they divided the boys into two groups and told them to fight. “That’s crazy and emotional,” Musk said. Every few years one of the children dies. Guardians used to tell these stories as a warning: “Don’t be a fool like that fool. die last year,” they said. Don’t be a weak asshole.”

“Elon Musk: The entrepreneur who envisioned the future” by Ashlee Vance

It is the Spanish edition of the biography of Ashley Vance and allow Spanish readers access to the inspiring story of Elon Musk.

Through an exclusive interview with Muskhis family, friends, and competitors, as well as employees of his various companies, Ashlee Vance paints a portrait of the man behind revolutionary companies such as PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity.

infobae do
(“Elon Musk”; by Ashlee Vance, can be purchased in digital format at Bajalibros, by clicking here.)

The translation retains the depth and detail of the original, check out how Musk has managed to influence and transform the entire industry with its focus on innovation and sustainability. The book covers the most important achievements of Musk to date, his personal and work philosophy, and his impact on the development of technology and space exploration. Like the English version, the Spanish biography offers a broad view of the life of Muskfrom his early years to his future ambitions, giving examples of how his work is shaping the future of humanity.

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