The most sought-after yellow diamond in the world

Tiffany & Cothe renowned New York-based luxury jeweler, has made history in the world of precious stones by making one of the best products of yellow diamond rarely. A life that has begun more than forty years and? not only further consolidated the position of this American companybut also left for jewelry surprised by the beauty and value of unique items.

In his desire to achieve something special, the company received last summer yellow diamond of more than 71 caratsConsidered to be the largest stone of this type ever found in Canada. A symbol of luxury and elegance that has been firmly mined in the I am a cat.

15 and 20 carats

Such as it is its splendor, its uniqueness and its dazzling beauty that, instead of cutting it and putting it in a jewel right then and there, their chief gemologist, Victoria Wirth Reynoldstake the precious stone to a group of people for preview.

Today, the company’s professional staff has changed This is an almost perfect octahedral jewelcombining the oldest polishing techniques with the newest, in two emerald cut diamonds more than 15 and 20 carats, respectively.

Two gems were made two of the most iconic pieces from the Tiffany collection and, although the price of the two units has not been disclosed, some experts have recalled that the 20.49-carat intense yellow diamond was sold in 2019 for $5.49 million. Therefore, its value may be higher.

Other gems

Now, Tiffany not only in this amazing discovery. In the last six months, The jewelry house has added another precious stone to its collectionIncluding 35 red diamonds obtained from the Argyle mine (Australia).

This collection is perfect with the start’Diamond Craft Journey‘, in which they offer their customers the instructions about the origin of each new subscriber receiving diamonds.

Similarly, in 2023 they also received 10 carat square cut emerald from Muzo minein the western province of Boyacá (Colombia). Considered to be the best emerald ever mined in this area, this piece presents especially high clarity.

These unique stones, with their unique history and beauty, will surely continue the goal of attention and admiration in the world of jewelry and luxury. The best part? It is true: I am sure that these will not be the last rare stones that Tiffany will present this year..

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