the most secure connection to your Internet

Today the Internet security is more important than ever. It is almost impossible to think of working, studying, or having fun with movies or video games without being online, so it is important to know the best connection what is

According to the Undersecretary of Telecommunications (Subtel) reports, the 59.7% of the country’s total network is connected with fiber opticswhich makes it interesting to know why it has become the main stable internet technology for Chileans.

What is fiber optics?

It is a type of information transmission technology that use light to transport large amounts of data with speeds up to 20 times faster than other types of connections, using very fine glass as a conductor. Its great ability allows it to simplify the activities and processes in the online environment.

3 reasons that explain why fiber optics is the most secure connection

Las the main reasons that distinguish it What are other Internet connections:

Fixed connection

Fiber optics has a the body is also very good, which makes it stable in areas with earthquakes and other natural disasters, such as Chile. Its cover is armored and hard to reach, which protects the body from wear and tear, cuts, and other damages, and it has good help in the country around the country, which includes areas that used to be isolated, such as Chiloé.

Less affected

It is also less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, things that may be outside, such as thunderstorm. As for the interior, they have more than you think. For example, they can be due to the use of household appliances, power lines and signals from mobile devices, such as cell phones. Fiber optics withstands these interferences without problems, making it more stable than other Internet connections.

Internet that protects data security

This process uses encryption, a process that converts data into a format that is incomprehensible to those seeking to access it without permission, because a key is needed to understand it. For example, this protect data being exchanged online processes and purchases. Confidential information that will be well protected.

With fiber optics, End-to-end encryption is stronger than other connections. This means that the data is encrypted from the moment it leaves the device until it reaches the web server where only one user is allowed to access, protecting companies that sell and people from crime.

Fiber optics: the best option in the Internet

Unlike, for example, coaxial cable, fiber optics to transmit a large volume of data, who walked away quickly. So it is not surprising that it has become the main focus of the Internet in the country. Having it creates confidence, since it is the safest for different needs and can be used for different resources.

If you are looking for one stable connection, with less interference and protection of digital dataThe quality of fiber optic Internet makes it the best choice.

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