The most popular people of the world dating (2024)

Since birth first social networks There are users and brands that have managed to compete and gain a place in the hearts (and in browsers and apps) of users around the world. Those often follow influencers in social networks They have the ability of viralizing content, improving its advertising, setting topics and getting more media coverage at every step that allows them to easily publish content.

The most followed influencers on social media

Now there are millions of profiles and users who write social media, but only a few manage to collect followers and create communities that take them to the Olympus of social platforms.

So you can be sure which occupies a central place in every network, we have collected the relevant information for you (removed from the Digital Research 2024) and present you with the correct list of articles and pages with a large number of the most popular people. There are those who are already famous for their work, projects, etc. and people who have achieved fame thanks to their work in the networks themselves, but if they have something in common it is their favorite people in the networks!

Most followed pages on Facebook

Despite the many controversies it has had over the years, Facebook is still the social network with the most users worldwide. And among the political pages held by him, the one that has many followers is, once again, a house. (Facebook App), and, for the first time in a long time, it grew in the number of followers. Last year it stood at 182.4 million followers (13.3 million less in 2022) and in 2024 it will have 5.6 million and now it will have. 188 million.

This year, both Cristiano Ronaldo (168 million) as Samsung (161 million) continue to close the top 3, although they exchange positions with the year 2023. Mr. Bean increased 5 million users and is still in fourth place (now there are 140 million) and average 5 Minute Crafts (126 million) took fifth place.

For his part, Shakira has continued to add followers and until today it has 124 million, which makes it in the sixth position, above. Real Madrid CF (121 million) and average CGTN (121 million), which shares the seventh place. They followed, also sharing nine jobs, Will Smith (116 million) and Leo Messi (116 million).

The profile with the most followers on Instagram

In recent years Instagram He has managed himself among the favorite relationships of Internet users around the world, and on his profile with the most popular people we find him in the first place. Instagram account with, now, 666.8 million, 66.8 million more than last year.

He followed Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano), who has 617.5 million followers (74.5 million more than last year), which is still in the second position. When Lionel Messi took third place in the table with 497.3 million followers on his account @ Leo Messi.

This letter, Kylie Jenner (399.4 million) dropped one place again and went from fourth to fifth place after being overtaken by Selena Gomez (429.6 million), who has 54.6 million followers.

For his part, the rest of the list continues as in the previous edition. Dwayne Johnson (395.8 million), Ariana Grande (380.6 million), Kim Kardashian (364.2 million), Beyoncé (319.8 million) and Khloe Karsashian (311.2 million).

The most followed LinkedIn profile in the world

LinkedIn He also has his 10 most followed profiles on his cutting platform. The most followed on this social network is still the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, with 35 million followers (-1.1 million). The top 3 is completed by the CEO of Virgin Richard Branson, in second place (18.73 million) and CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella (10.7 million), which increases one position. This causes Jeff Weiner (10.44 million), former CEO of Linkedin, dropped to fourth position.

Arianna Huffington (9.6 million), co-founder of Huffington Post, holds the fifth place, and entrepreneurs Mark Cuban (7.63 million) sixth. For his part, the writer and encouragement Simon Sinek (7.57 million) made a big jump from tenth place to seventh place. Come back, author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins (7 million) fell to eight.

Close the top 10 we see that the person died in 2020 Jack Welch (6.91 million), who is a famous American entrepreneur, writer and engineer, exchange jobs with the former inventor and president of Microsoft Melinda French Gates (6.56 million).

Most users follow TikTok in the world

Anyone who wants to play in the history of TikTok should expect to have an event by creating them, having good communication and creating good content for their followers. All these features have been brought together by the followers of tiktokers in the world.

This year the protagonist is still Khao Lam, with 161.6 million followers. For his part, Charlie D’Amelio (151.7 million) occupy the second position. Close the podium Bella Porch (93.9 million).

this year, Mr. Beast (92.6 million) and Addison Rau (88.7 million) exchange the fourth and fifth positions. Kimberly Loaiza (80.6 million) rose from eighth to sixth place, which led to Zach King (80.6 million) dropped to seventh place.

Finally, close the top 10 influencers with the most followers on TikTok, the account itself TikTok (77.9 million) rose from tenth to eighth place, while Burak Özdemi: do you want more followers? (74.6 million) is still in the ninth Will Smith (74.2 million) dropped from seven to ten jobs.

The X (Twitter) accounts with the most popular people in the world

In X, the CEO of the social network itself, Elon Musk (169.3 million), continued its rise and, after a stellar rise in 2023 from the 12th place to the 2nd place, this year it reached the first place, thus dethroning the former president of the united states, Barack Obama (131.9 million), which moves to the second position. These follow Justin Bieber (111.4 million), occupying its third position.

Cristiano Ronaldo (110.5 million) and Katy Perry (106.9 million) sixth and fourth exchange places. When Rihanna (108.3 million) is still fifth. Taylor Swift (95 million) as the new in the top 10 this year, occupying seven places.

And, our last job is at: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi (94.6 million), former US president. Donald Trump (87.4 million) and artist Lady Gaga (83.7 million).

The youtubers with the most followers in the world

Speaking of truth YouTubeThere is no doubt that this is another social network that manages to attract millions of users worldwide every day. This season, T-Seriesa documentary and audiovisual from India, is still the channel with the most users on the platform, this time with 257 million (22 million more in 2023).

Crazy race channel Mr. Beastthanks to its 231 million users (100M more than the previous year), rising to the second position after rising from the fourth place it occupied in 2023 and, as a result, children’s favorite channel content. Cocomelon(170 million followers) fell to third place.

For his part, Set up India, entertainment channel Sony In India, it moved to the fourth place with 167 million. Close the top 5, we come across the children’s channel Children’s Diana Show (118 million), which rose from sixth place.

The rest of the list also has many changes this edition. Like Nastya (112 million) rose one step to the sixth place, the creator of content on YouTube Pewdiepie (111 million) dropped from fifth to seventh place, Vlad and Niki (108 million) increased from nine to eight places, Zee Music Company (103 million) also increased one position to nine and, finally, WWE (98.9 million) dropped from eighth to tenth place.

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