The last of Apple’s competitors later promised to destroy the iPhone

Surprised by the kindness of Apple’s competitor after promising to destroy the iPhone, with the business announced and the end of mobile phones.

And a famous company, competition of Appleknown and loved by everyone who uses and buys his products, there is a decadent goodbye after promising to annihilate the iPhone, with bankruptcy announced and the end of cell phones, shocking everyone.

The famous company, Apple’s competitor, which has established itself as one of the biggest contracts in the industry and among the most demanding customers, has a negative after the contract that will destroy the iPhone, with commercial advertising and the end of mobile phones.

Information from the portal “editalconcursosbrasil”, which announced in May 2023, that the company Essential, which was founded by Andy Rubin, is also the creator of the Android system, the most used technology of Samsung cell phones and other brands, advertising business. on February 12, 2020.

According to the information, Apple’s competition is known by consumers for trying to market a mobile phone that has the same image as a remote control and even if one of the riskiest businesses in Silicon Valley.

At the time of its peak, the company Essential, which was founded by Andy Rubin, had a value of US $ 1 billion and was already ordered by Walmart and Amazon, according to information from ‘The New York Times’.

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According to information, when Andy Rubin left Google, he raised around US$ 330 million (nearly R$ 1.4 billion) and started a new company, Essential. In 2019, Rubin released the first images of his new invention called GEM, a new phone that was intended to change the use of mobile phones, but that did not succeed, because of its brand does not satisfy many users.

The company announced its smartphone in the same mode as a remote control, which changes color depending on the viewing angle, but it ended up not pleasing the public and was not successful.

At the time, Essential announced that the GEM project had been terminated because the company did not find a good way to deliver the model to the public and there was no truth and legitimacy.

Essential's GEM cell phone - Photo Reproduction Internet
Essential’s GEM cell phone – Photo Internet publication
Essential's GEM cell phone - Photo Reproduction Internet
Essential’s GEM cell phone – Photo Internet publication

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