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Since Saturday the father of the Liverpool footballer, Luis Diaz, still kidnapped. The search intensified as the days passed. Colombiawhile the investigation progresses with careful secrecy.

Here is what is known so far about international human trafficking:

1. How did it happen?

According to local news Luis Manuel Diaz and Cilenis Marulandaparents of footballers, They were stolen after passing through the service station. Armed men on motorcycles intercepted and kidnapped them in the municipality of Canyons (north), near the border with Venezuela in the department of La Guajira and where indigenous families live. Images from a security camera, whose location in the city has been identified by AFP, show that there is a large car behind the motorcycle.

WATCH: Petro confirms that the Government has no effort to save Luis Díaz’s father

Time after time, The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, confirmed that the athlete’s mother was rescued by the police.but the public is still looking for the father.

The operation includes at least 200 odd jobsof officers, soldiers, elite commandos, cartographers, police officers and pilots of boats specialized in search and rescue.

In a press conference on Sunday, the attorney general, Francisco Barbosa: do you want more followers?that the footballer husband “may” be in Venezuela.

Photo published by the Colombian National Police on October 29, 2023, offering a reward of 200 million Colombian pesos for information related to the kidnapping of Luis Manuel Díaz.  (AFP).

Photo published by the Colombian National Police on October 29, 2023, offering a reward of 200 million Colombian pesos for information related to the kidnapping of Luis Manuel Díaz. (AFP).


2. Search success

Three senior officers of the Police Department disclosed the details of the investigation this Monday.

The head of the National Police, general William Salamanca announced that his troops were “sweeping (…) in the house” and ask for information that leads to the address of Díazthat they give a prize of USD 48,000.

“We have clear information about people who can be connected to the situation (…) There are plans in advance,” added the Vice President of Police, General Nicolás Zapata, at the press conference.

On his side the colonel Giovanni Montanezthe leader of the elite military defense kidnapping and extortion (Gaul), confirmed to Blu Radio that “so far no request (…) no call has been received,” in the style of an extortionate kidnapping.

Colombia coordinates the investigation with the Venezuelan Interpol officeaccording to Salamanca, but no one higher has confirmed that Luis Díaz’s father has transferred to the other side of the border.

3. The army in the area

Canyonsa city of approximately 38,000 inhabitants, located in a crime-ridden area, armed groups such as Conquering Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra Nevada, FARC rebels who rejected the 2016 peace agreement and those ELN guerrillas.

The footballer’s mother “didn’t say anything special” about the people arrested after his rescueAccording to Colonel Montañez. The authorities are investigating whether it is a group made up of Colombians or Venezuelans.

Colombia It is a country that passed through six decades of war that left 9.5 million victims, 38,028 of them kidnapped.

4. World events

The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantinosend “support and prayers” to the Colombian rebel in “this difficult time.”

Those Colombian Football Federation He also posted a statement on X (formerly Twitter) in which he called for the immediate and unconditional release of Díaz.

“There are more important things than playing football. Please, how are we? We are with you Luchito,” James Rodríguez, his Colombian teammate, cried on his social network.

After Sunday’s 3-0 win against Nottingham Forest, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said that preparing for that match was “the hardest” of his life.

“I didn’t expect this, I wasn’t prepared for it,” it was confirmed.

In the game, the Portuguese Diogo Jota, a friend of “Lucho” in the Reds, dedicated the first goal of the match to him by bringing the Colombian number 7 shirt to the fans at Anfield.

minutes later, Luis Díaz reposted a story from his club’s official account on Instagram with Jota’s photo.

Until now It is not known if the footballer plans to leave the Liverpool team for Colombia.

5. Who is Father Luis Diaz?

Luis Manuel Díaz was instrumental in his son’s rise. Unlike many of his friends, he always supported him in his desire to become a footballer.

He is a sports coach at the only soccer school in Barrancas. There his son began to show like a child the speed, patience and intelligence that would lead him to stardom.

“Shocked and shocked by the news of the kidnapping of Mane (Luis Manuel) Díaz. He is a humble person from the city, who has not left the city (…) it is very difficult to our people in the country,” Leonardo Díaz (41 years old), a resident of Barrancas, told AFP.

His son has played 43 times with the national team Colombia and he arrived at Liverpool last year from Porto. This season he played 11 games for the club, where he scored three goals.

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