The Internet of Things has tripled in a decade and is disrupting health and business 4.0

Although those Artificial intelligence has been the one vedette of digital transformation, the revolution of calling Internet of Things (IoT) has spread worldwide connection: from 4.2 billion in 2016, 22.2 billion is planned for 2025, with an increase of 382%.

Data provided by Statista shows that the figures are exciting and technological achievements have been made that mark the course of connected and smart future.

The increase in the number of connected devices is driven by the development and growth of IoT technology, that changes the way of interact with the digital and physical environment, that is, houses, businesses, cars, clothes, and everything else coordination and scheduling requests.

Internet of Things has stopped a futuristic vision to become a reality that changes the way we live and work,” said Alejandro GirardottiSenior Director of Products, Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Cirion Technologies.

“As the number of connected devices continues to increase, The potential of IoT to change our lives is only growing, lead us to a smarter and more social future,” he added.

The exponential growth of IoT covers many industries, from from consumerism to health and productivity.

New technologies such as Wi-Fi 7 should speed things up growth in the number of connected devices, which by 2027 is estimated at 29.7 billion, since his appeal lies in the fact that he promised improve user experience in time-sensitive applications such as online games and virtual reality.

This technology is going to explode a lot this year, with a significant impact surpassing speed and spectral efficiency, at the cost of transfer information theoretical speed that exceeds 30 Gbps, while bringing latency to a minimum.

WiFi 7 emerges as those technology pole that drives this change, provided unprecedented wireless speeds and improved connectivity across the board”he continued.

It was written in the biggest use of wearablesthat is the equipment that They are wearable and important for use in healthcare and industry 4.0.

What are wearables

These are electronic devices that are inserted into the body and record information about health, behavior or environment. These devices have become popular because of their versatile and useful properties.

Smart Watches: This wearable is worn on the wrist and has many features, including fitness tracking, reminders and calls, music control, and app access. Popular examples include the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit Versa.

Activity Bracelets: Also known as fitness trackers, these bracelets measure physical activity, heart rate, calories burned and sleep quality. They are ideal for people who want to keep track of their health and safety. For example Xiaomi Mi Band and Garmin Vivosmart.

Virtual Reality (VR) headset): Although they are not worn on the body all the time, VR headsets are devices that have a good experience in games, movies and applications. The main examples are Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR.

Smart Jewelry: These clothes are mixed together fashion and technology. They can include activity tracking, privacy notifications, and security features. Some examples are those Oura Ring and Bose Frame Glasses.

Smart clothes: Although less, there are clothes with integrated devices that monitor the activity of the body, body or body temperature. Examples included Hexoskin t-shirts and Nadi X leggings.


In health they have played an important role because they provide information on time to ensure continuous monitoring.

According to recent research, it is estimated that By 2025, the health wearables market will reach a value of more than 70 billion dollars, with equipment such as heart rate monitor fitness tracker.

For that business 4.0they do essential tools to improve work efficiency and workplace safety.

Adoption wearable devices in industrial environments is up, and want to the market for the business will reach 12 billion dollars by 2025, according to MarketsandMarkets.

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