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Influencer Verolayne Correia, known for sharing her daily life with humor in social media and followed by a million people on Instagram, used stories, Friday morning (03/11), changed voice and address the main points: the result of bad words in people’s heads.

In a series of videos, the girl, who underwent bariatric surgery four months ago, said that she received negative comments, insulting her body, even after posting a message that he didn’t care about any of it.

“Look, I will say, look. It is a big thing. These people think they can harass me by talking about my body, right? No, try something else. Not from my body, my love. I’m hot, great, I’m getting more (laughs). It’s debauched,” he said the day before, before succumbing to stress.

And he added: “But it is very heavy. I want to share this with you because the internet really kills, you know? Because, for example, I’m very good, can handle very well, that doesn’t bother me, no. But there are people who are not. And because of the pressure of this beautiful beauty, they seek surgery until they don’t want to do it. “

After making this first letter, he returned to his stories, on Friday morning (03/11), very upset. In the recording, he said he couldn’t sleep: “I can’t even sleep, can you believe it? I’m so nervous that I haven’t felt in a long time. What Terrible, I have to get it off my chest”, he began.

The girl explained what happened: “After I released the reels, I didn’t care (about the insults of the body), which I didn’t care about, I was attacked by many things that made me anxious a lot, it causes a lot of anxiety. I, I started to feel weak, the weather, I was very scared. I’m not even going to post it because my Instagram will be down,” he said.


Shortly after, he said that he could not read what they sent: “There are people who say ‘don’t read the message’. There is no way because we open the message directly with the intention of seeing the message of love, communication, closeness and, in the middle of this, we come across negative messages. And you can’t help but feel it. “

He once added that he does not listen, but this attitude can be fatal for people with mental problems: “Now, you can think of something: I, who doesn’t care, ends like this, destroys, look. my face. Because it took away my peace. Think of all the people who suffer from low self-esteem, they already have depression.”

And he said again: “The internet kills someone, it really can. I swear, in the name of Jesus, that this will not be mine. enough of that. There are many grandmothers that you do not understand. People are very difficult. It is very easy to live in the world and people make it very difficult. “

As he continued his protest, Verolayne declared that even his daughter was the target of haters: “I am here, I keep to myself, I do not interfere with anyone, I created my content, I just left the house and the people. is a business with me. Son, leave me alone, Satan. I do not explain that, but even my daughter has talk about, baby. It’s very difficult, you have to treat with treatment. Because of hatred, business. There are days that can not be seen, but there are days that are related to our pressure. The patient was really sick,” he said.

On the other hand, he remembers a small problem, which happened a few years ago, including these words: “There are many bad people, my people. I had a miscarriage before Myla, I was pregnant and it didn’t progress. It has not been two months since it happened and I received this message: ‘You are useless that you cannot hold a child for your husband, your womb’. So you have an idea what this dark person is. I’m disappointed, upset, I’m shaking. I feel really bad. “

The expert announced that he will be offline for a while: “I apologize to those of you who sent messages of love, but I will refrain from opening messages here. This morning I received a something similar from other things that make me like this. So, I’m just telling you so that you understand, if I disappear, I have to give myself a break. It’s not able, human, God forbid.”

And he concluded: “I’m sad because I haven’t had any stress in months. After that, it’s a big win when you’re good and we’re frustrated because they’ve managed to me. I’m sorry for that, because they took me too seriously,” he said.

Before saying goodbye, Verolayne assured that she will be fine and will try to talk to her followers after the break.

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