The Internet calls for the removal of David and MC Bin Laden after the battle

The atmosphere of tension remains among the participants of Big Brother Brasil 2024 after the battle that took place in the house after Sincerão on Monday, March 25.

After the confusion, internet users pointed out the violence between MC Bin Laden and David which could lead to the removal of the two participants from the reality show. In a battle like never before, the dummy and even Big Boss himself had to intervene to prevent the brothers from attacking.

However, for internet users, signs of violence on the part of the two participants are clear and can cause them to be removed at any time.



One of the most commented moments by internet users is the “head” given by David during a conversation with MC Bin Laden. Sometimes he comes close to his brother’s face, making himself as the two exchange words.

For fans of the reality show, this participant’s character was as strict as the whip that caused Wanessa Camargo to be expelled. However, there are those who remember that Bin himself already gave David a “headbutt” of this type, during the conversation that ended with the word “Calabreso” as one of the commentators eight things on the internet.

He went to Buddha

Another topic of attention from Internet users is the elbow from Bin Laden on the Buddha, who tried to hold his brother when he was beaten and fell on the grass of the house during the incident confused.

In the video, the fans mentioned that the elbow hit Bin’s friend squarely and created an attack on himself.

With the impact of the image, the internet users requested the management to remove the two participants. However, many also said that the situation only got to this point because of the High Commissioner’s permissive attitude. So far it is not known what the fate of the participants will be.

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