the hidden function that allows you to watch series and movies for free

Instagram It is still one of the most popular social networks since its launch in 2010. However, despite its flaws, many users do not know about the application.

Because of this, Several roles on the Meta social network ended up being deleted. Including one that allows you to watch multimedia content, including videos and movies, for free.

Step by step to watch series and movies for free on Instagram

According to the Argentine newspaper The chroniclerThe way that these audiovisual products can be shared and viewed on Instagram is from the video calling device of the app.

The best thing is that using this method only requires five simple steps. Below, we present the actions you must follow to open itaccording to the media.

Go to Instagram

Enter the application on your phone as usual with your username and password.

Go to the direct message

Once in the app, go to the message section directly like you always do.

Start a video call

When you access your DMs, start a video call with one or more of your friends in the social network.

Click on the “share content” icon

Accordingly The chroniclerin the middle of a video call, you should select the “share content” icon; If you don’t know what it is, it’s the one that looks like a paper clip and is in the lower part.

You will see a set of details and can choose

Having selected the previous option, A content section will appear where there will be many items available for you to choose from. After that, just choose what you like and enjoy.

It should be noted that the work has its limitations. For example, You can only use it with users on your list, you can’t enable subtitles or change the project language.

At last, You can’t edit audio and video at the same time. because this only depends on the speed of the internet connection that everyone in the call has.

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