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President Luis Abinader today said to follow the permission of the government announced during the elections and they hope to make it stable.

According to law 1-2024, issued by the president himself, the media will only be used to meet the operational goals and strategies of the organizations , with the help of timely and effective access to the truth, objective, clear, transparent, necessary. , timely and public impact.

“Publicity in schools and communication is only encouraged or promised when they have one of the goals set out in the constitution itself, among them, promoting the promotion and knowledge of laws and principles; inform the public of their legal rights and responsibilities, of the impact of the work of public institutions, of the status of access and use of public facilities and services or to inform the public about the existence of administrative procedures or popular discussions”, the law states.

President Luis Abinader signs the law that regulates the advertising during the campaign
President Luis Abinader signs the law that regulates the advertising during the campaign

The law announced on Tuesday regulates the media and establishes standards and guidelines for contractual communications with the media, communicators, journalists or digital media people.

With the measure, the Government seeks to promote accountability, promote transparency and disseminate public interest information about public services.

The President said that for the first time in history a The government is committed to control the advertising in the election to avoid the publication of advertising that is not related to public services or information relevant to the public, so remove the previous interference with the posting message for the post.

At the press conference, the president confirmed that the provisions of this law are mandatory for all public organizations under the Executive Committee, which will be monitored by of the General Directorate of Public Contracts (DGCP) and the Directorate of Strategy and Government Communication (DIECOM. ).

The President added that, in order to achieve the goals of the organization and to comply with the law, discrimination against the media with the purpose of coercion, censoring, restriction or allowing, as the case may be, social media or social media to be restricted. , because of his information or editorial, his opinion or his work, process or assessment of the State, Government or public policy.

By law, the use of media as a promotion or secret payment to benefit, directly or indirectly, communicators, people, media or a representative who is part of the chain of their work or placement, or donations that, personally or through third parties link, and in a name or change exchange, is made by an organization of the state’s citizens in favor of communication, advertising and other education or a representative who receives advertising or participates in the process of its contract or distribution. .

The Law mentioned above prohibits the use of media for the promotion or promotion of politicians or candidates, whether official or not, as well as the use of advertising that has the brand election campaign based on its products or results, except for the declaration of success within the framework of the accountability period before the National Congress.

The rules establish a contract for public organizations to fulfill the contract according to the objective criteria, need information that informs the audience of the purpose of advertising, both what is expected by the contracting organization and what is reached by the media, with the difference between the two. ..

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