The government and Corte Inglés led the campaign on the Internet in September

In social media, YouTube continues to be the leader, standing out with 22.34% investment, followed by Facebook with 9.81%

Public and Private Services once again led advertising in September on the Internet with 1,019 types 3,545 ideas and 21.36% investment

This is the internet map for September 2023 from Arce Media out of a total of 5,284 types and 24,489 ideas

From the sectors, Public and Private Services They once led Internet advertising with 1,019 brands, 3,545 ideas and 21.36% of SOI * (estimated investment) followed by Advertising and Restaurants with 786 brands, 3,635 owners eight and 12.43% SOI. and in the third place is Automotive again with 182 types and 2,150 creative like 12.24% of SOI.

Advertisers’ podium The most invested in September are, first of all, The English Court with 2.86%, then Government of SpainMinistry of Economy and Digital transformation with 2.61% y Ministry of Health2.14% is

In the advertising rankings, YouTube continues to be the leader, importantlysites preferred by advertisers with 22.34% investment, followed by Facebook with 9.81% and MARCA with 5.49%

SOI predicts share of investment

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