The first version of Mickey Mouse became a public domain

Disney released the original version of Mickey Mouse in the public domain but kept the modern versions in copyright.

On January 1st, the first version of Mickey Mouse appeared in the icon Steamboat Willie the Disney It became public domain. The first appearance in the story of the mouse presented in 1928 is now available to everyone, something that artists and designers have many options and horizons to let their imagination fly. In fact, just a few hours after announcing the news, a movie has emerged from the darkness of one of the favorite cartoons of all time.

This means that the special version of the famous Disney mouse is now available can be used for free no need to ask permission from Disney or run the risk of being sued. So, for ideas, the door is well opened in terms of new opportunities to use symbols in different sectors such as art, education and even video games.

Since its creation, Disney has protected the comic image, especially the image of Mickey Mouse, and has now gained freedom at this new level, but warns that it will remain aware of it used, since The following versions for the mouse are still tied to legislation and is also a brand name of a large company.

“Many of the modern versions of Mickey will not be affected by the expiration of Steamboat Willie’s rights, and Mickey will play an important role in the world for the Walt Disney Company in our story, content parks and products,” he explained. a A Disney spokesperson in a statement.

Disney is still protecting its name

As planned, those who decide to use Mickey in Steamboat Willie should exercise caution, since, although these drawings are already part of the public domain, The modern versions of Mickey Mouse are still a property of the company so it is still trademarked and copyrighted.

Although in general, the first version of the mouse still has similarities with the modern versions, There are certain characteristics that distinguish one from another.For example, Mickey Mouse from 1928 does not have the features of white gloves, with extra large shoes, expressive eyes or a loud voice.

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“Yes, we will continue to protect our rights to modern versions of Mickey Mouse and other works that are still legal, and we will work to prevent consumers from being confused by unauthorized use. courtesy of Mickey and our characters,” Disney in his words.

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