The fight in schools in Medellín will be supported by influential people in the society

Many of the fights were recorded in videos posted on social media.

Many of the fights were recorded in videos posted on social media.

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The warning was issued by the Ministry of Education of Medellín because of the fight between students from several schools in the city and in the Aburrá Valley, where the association is registered and which has supported by third parties in the discussion.

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“We are very concerned because we see that there is a crime behind them, because they are older they encourage violence and not only do they cause fights, but they also encourage bullying ,” said Secretary of Education of Medellín, Luis Guillermo Patiño. .

In total, the mayor’s office registered four cases. These include the video posted on social networks by the Barrio Santa Cruz del Nrov 1 school, in which several students are seen, including a boy, hitting a girl , who said he didn’t want it. go back to school.

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In others, such as the one in which the students from the Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento Educational Institution, in the Colinas de Enciso neighborhood, were recognized, two female students were seen peeling, while their friends were around around them just look at them. Like at the Concejo de Bello Educational Institution, a fight was recorded that started when one child hit another with a chair.

As a result, the Ombudsman’s Office has issued a warning because the creators of social content have encouraged violence among students during the last school day.

Given this, Patiño pointed out that the mayor’s office does not accept any kind of violence in educational facilities and confirmed that the Environmental Protection Team intervenes to solve the problems of schools protest letter. In passing, the secretary called on parents: “let families know who their children’s friends are and please don’t give mobile phones to children aged 8, 9, 10 or 11 years.” So they can get into relationships. . We must control this problem. “

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