The father and son who sold the evidence on social media were arrested in Vinhedo, in the state of São Paulo

The father and son were protected by the PF (Federal Police) on Thursday (1st) as part of Operation I-Fraude, which investigates the interference of government procedures and the sale of information from authorities and public records. The two were arrested in the house where they lived, in Vinhedo (SP).

Among the officers whose private information was sold on social media is the president of the STF (Supreme Court), the director Luís Roberto Barroso.

According to PF, gangs hacked the federal government, stole information and then sold it through networks. Members of organized crime groups and members of the security forces, such as police officers, were among the gang’s clients.

The suspicion is that the criminals stole at least R$ 10 million from the scheme Between 2010 and 2024. According to the PF, it was decided that around R$ 4 million will be blocked from the accounts of the people being assessed.

According to PF, the operation I-Fraude started on Wednesday (31) in five states. Based on the information collected that day, the PF requested the arrest of three suspects, including a father and son who live in Vinhedo. With the permission of the Federal Court, the license was executed on Thursday.

According to PF, the surprise happened after the analysis of the influence of government documents. Personal information from thousands of people, including countless officials and public figures, is then available for consultation on the panel.

The advisory group was given by social media. There are several monthly payment “plans”, based on the number of sessions performed. This panel has approximately 10 thousand “customers”, with an average of 10 million monthly conversations.

Criminals have provided free assistance to members of the security forces. However, the servers need to send, to prove themselves, a photo of their work card.

In this way, criminals obtain information, including photos, of thousands of public security personnel and also share this information with other criminals.

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