The European Commission asked AliExpress for information on illegal sales


This Monday, the European Commission sent AliExpress a request for information about the measures it has taken to fulfill obligations related to risk assessment and mitigation to protect online consumers, especially regarding the promotion of illegal products online, such as counterfeit drugs. , in the framework of the Digital Services Law.

The Chinese company must provide the Commission with the requested information no later than November 27, 2023. Based on the evaluation of AliExpress’s response, the Commission will consider the next steps and the This can involve “initiation of the procedure according to article 66. of the Digital Services Law.”

Under Section 74 of the Digital Services Act, the Commission can impose fines for incorrect, incomplete or incorrect information in response to a request for information. If AliExpress does not respond, the Agency will decide to request the information by decision. In this case, failure to meet the deadline may result in the payment of a penalty over time.

In accordance with its choice to become a major online platform, AliExpress must comply with all the procedures introduced by the Digital Services Law, including the assessment and mitigation of risks related to advertising illegal content and problems and have a negative impact in the exercise. of important rights.

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said “The Digital Services Act is not limited only to issues such as hate speech, fake news or cyber-bullying. It is also exists to ensure the removal of illegal or unsafe products sold in the EU through e-commerce platforms, including counterfeit and potentially dangerous products and sold online.”

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