The end of our multiplayer game is survival

The multiplayer project in The Last of Us series is alive, according to the words recently shared by the director of the game in the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

Vinit Agarwal, who also writes on his X profile that he is working as the director of “The Last of Us online project”, is playing Super Mario Wonder and sharing his journey. However, some followers decided to take the time to ask about the project Naughty Dog is working on.

Given this, Agarwal decided to add in his recent statement about Super Mario Wonder that “yes, I’m still working on the game.” It is a small message, but one that answers the questions that have been asked in recent days and confirms that the work is still alive.

Recently, unofficial information has said that the game has been frozen and only a small team remains, trying to create something based on what has been done and with the modifications that have been introduced at Bungie.

The Last of Us online project still has no release date, but at least for now, it is still alive.

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