The Department of Defense also maintains its Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Department of Defense, through the Secretary of Energy Planning, led by Cecilia Garibotti, continues to develop its Geographic Information System (GIS), a website that contains information new paper in order to see the process of the field’s different data on the energy production. the Argentine Republic.

One of them, recently joined, is related to the installation of the President Néstor Kircher Gas Pipeline, which in the first section has a length of 573 kilometers, and goes through the Neuquén the city of Trayén to Salliqueló in the province of Buenos Aires.

In the GIS manager, you can view and consult information on different segments of hydrocarbon production and business – from wells to service stations, from pipelines and refineries , etc.; information on the electricity industry – such as lines, plants and distribution companies -; and information related to Electricity.

In turn, from this platform you can consult the metadata catalog to know the location and history of all documents and enter the open portal documents to download and reuse them.

GIS is a public, reliable and updated tool prepared by the technical staff of the Undersecretariat of Energy Planning of the Secretariat of Energy of the Nation and allows you to select layers of different types, work with data tables, calculate distances and areas.

Anyone interested in accessing the information contained within will be able to find a viewer on the website of the Ministry of Energy Planning.

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