The Cuban stick man made an impression in the conversation

A young man who calls himself “the cuban stick man“he did viral on social mediaafter publishing many videos hitting his body with wood of different thicknesses, there are no signs of feeling pain.

The young man, whose name has not been revealed, introduces himself in his networks as @yo_soy_el_kin2 or @elkin2_comediante and has gained the attention of thousands of people, who show the video in digital platforms.

“Now he is a Cuban stick man,” he wrote on his Instagram profile, in the first video uploaded two days ago, which He regularly hit his hands, elbows, knuckles and forehead with a thick stick.while repeating: “This is the training of the Cuban man’s house.”

Some refused to believe that he did not see the pain, while others joked with the revelation of the new “intelligence” of the Cuban, remembered very popularly. “Iron Man”.

In another post, he said that “it still shows that everything is true,” responding to doubts from netizens about whether he was beaten or if the voice in the video was true.

This time, he used a heavy and thick piece of wood – about 10×10 cm – and hit several places on his body again, while he commented: “For those who say that the voice was heard​​​​ from behind, well, he didn’t forget..”

The young man even appreciated the user who asked “why he didn’t hit his chest,” and also made his body so heavy, it didn’t seem to hurt.

And he came back with our video, to refute those who don’t believe him. This time he also hit his legs, when exclamations of surprise from a group of young people from the community.

yo_soy_el_kin2 doesn’t show that he feels pain when he hits himself, or maybe he hides it, but now it’s a new thought on the networks, where not a week goes passed without the video of some Cuban, who stood out for his “gifts” or intelligence, to spread. natural or acquired.

Apparently, he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who love him “Iron Man”, Lino Tomasenwho about a decade ago rose to fame for his performances of strength from hit his body with mandarins, against the hard skin and broken coconuts and even blocked with his fists, not feeling pain.

Tomasen’s condition has been confirmed by research congenital pain insensitivity syndrome or congenital analgesia“a rare disease whose main characteristic is an insensitivity to pain and self-transformation.”

“The origin of the disease is a mutation in the SCN9A gene that codes for the alpha subunit of sodium channels, thus changing the patient’s nociceptive ability, which leads to the inability to hear​​​​ about illness,” he pointed out. article published by the electronic library SciELO.

This disease was first described in 1932.

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