The conversation makes Sebastián Yatra “pimp” for his thoughts on injustice

Sebastian YatraThe famous Colombian singer, opened his heart in a special interview with Vicky Martin Berrocalwhere it was presented intimate things about your love and his social thinking. Since childhood, Yatra has faced the struggle of love and poverty, even sharing anecdotes from his school years.

Yatra’s curiosity knows no bounds when it comes to love, because Since I was young I dreamed of starting a big family, but his shyness prevented him from expressing his feelings to a girl who attended his school. However, it was at the age of 21 when he found stability in his love with Sofia, the Colombian girl to whom he dedicated one of his best songs, “No one else”.

After, During his college studies, Yatra falls in love with Juliainspiring others with his beautiful songs, “How to look at you”. Despite these romances, the artist admits that He only had true love twice.both with important women in the world of music, such as Tini Stoessel and Aitana.

The relationship with Tini Stoessel ended during the epidemic, because of the sense of loss of self that Yatra experienced. Instead, His story with Aitana ended last year, after a year of dating. Despite his history of social justice in the past, Yatra admits that None of his relations had passed the one-year limit.. This confession leads to a deep sense of possibility feelings for infidelity in a long-term relationship, even if there is deep love.

Also, the singer He has not decided about having a relationship in the future.Acknowledge that your way of life and way of thinking can be based on the right kind of work, that freedom and change in relationships can allow you to explore new aspects of your life thinking.

The “zascas” of social networks

This opinion refers to the infidelity of the Colombian singer raised many disputes in the discussion where, in general, he received criticism. Some of the comments he received were: “If you haven’t had a partner in over a year, you haven’t had a partner.”“Libra must be”, “I killed myself” or “Wow, someone else is talking about ‘best’ values. You deserve to be horned like a Kudu.”

On the other hand, this confession comes from Sebastián Yatra has brought out the “defensive” side of Aitana’s fansthe singer’s ex-partner, with words such as: “How good are you Aitana out there”, “You don’t deserve it Aitana” or “You’re stupid. Time to put everyone in their place.”

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