The consultation of the IPTU in Guarulhos can now be done online

The one-time payment and the first payment of the Urban Property and Land Tax (IPTU) of Guarulhos can now be consulted, withdrawn, printed and paid online, on the website of the Department Financial Review, of Just go to the link “2nd Copy of Taxes”, enter the real estate registration number (present on the cover of the bill 2023) and enter.

The documents have already started arriving at the Guarulhenes house by mail, but at the Rede Fácil de Atendimento ao Cidadão units, the second form is only available to collect from January 15th, with the appointment at the link https://facilagendamento.guarulhos.sp . The deadline for the first and single payment (with a 10% discount) starts on January 22nd.

IPTU frozen since 2017

Guarulhos is the only city in Brazil that has kept its taxes frozen for seven years, since Mayor Guti became the mayor of the city, and it will remain so in 2024 for residents who pay their IPTU on time.

The savings that the resident has already had at this time is equal to the amount of one and a half IPTU, that is, who paid R$ 1,000 in 2017, plus the connection plus paying the old price today, has saved around R. $1,500 since then.

The freezing of the IPTU, therefore, allows the people from Guarulhos, in seven years, to pay the equivalent of five and a half IPTUs. It is worth noting that, despite the benefits, City Hall saw its debt fall from R$ 7.4 billion at the beginning of 2017 to around R$ 1.8 billion now, which allows for more investment for the city.

In other words, the collection of lower IPTU has not led to an increase in municipal debt, and has not prevented important progress, such as the macro-drainage work of the Baquirivu-Guaçu River, the progress in sewage treatment, the end. of the exchange of water, the construction of the Guarulhos Children’s Hospital and the progress of the subway project, among other projects that will change the urban landscape and the quality of life of the residents of Guarulhos.

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