The collapse of Telecable left Trubia without Internet or telephone for 4 days

Hotels and merchants protested the economic damage from the explosion, which happened on Saturday when a line fell in Soto.

Line, in the ground in Soto

Editorial / Trubia

Neighbors, merchants and hotels in Trubia that have their Internet and telephone services with Telecable have been without communication since Saturday and without television. The storm broke one of the company’s lines in Soto, and another fell into the water, which left the town of Trubieca without service. For everyone involved, the situation, which has continued for four days, has had an impact, which is worse for businesses. Beatriz Zuazua, from the El Bosque cider house, points out that her customers usually make reservations by phone, and on Sundays they see a great drop in the usual volume of customers. “Luckily on Sundays we usually have a full restaurant, and in this case we only have five tables, people think we are going on holiday.” They couldn’t drop the game for one. Raúl Villanueva, from the Hermanos Villanueva hair salon, also denounces the damage suffered in these four days, since his customers received special calls. “At first you call and they say they’ll fix it, but then you get an automated response.” This morning the repair started, but still no service. “It’s incredible to have people like this for four days.”

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