The Chancellor confirms that “all the information” in the application for Dina Boluarte’s trip to the United States “is true”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Cecilia Gervasi confirmed this Sunday that “all the information provided by Executive power before the Congress requested permission for the trip of the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, to Washington (United States of America), where he participated in the Summit of Leaders of the Alliance of the Americas for Economic Prosperity (APEP).

And the controversy arose because the government allegedly had a bilateral meeting between Boluarte Zegarra and his American counterpart, Joe Biden; However, in the official process of the White House The meeting was not recorded.

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“I confirm that all the documents sent to the Congress of the Republic in the request for permission for the President of the Republic to go to Washington are true and supported by the agreement with the sons of the United States police,” he said. on the “X” (Twitter) account of the Chancellery.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also pointed out that United States Department of State Confirm that the two parties agreed to the meeting.

“His model was later determined by the American authorities,” he said.

At last, Gervais reiterated his willingness to appear before Congress to explain the details of the trip Boluarte Zegarra.

Dina Boluarte and Joe Biden discuss issues of mutual interest

Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, and his American representative, Joe Biden, spoke about issues of mutual interest. They said that this meeting was not done with the agenda that shows the bilateral talks because “time is short.”

“Before the APEP meeting today, November 3, President Boluarte and President Biden can discuss issues of interest to both countries such as migration and terrorism drug trafficking, etc.,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Official documents revealed that, after that meeting, the two walked together on the White House court grounds. APEP conferencewhere other presidents and representatives were waiting for them.

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