The challenges and importance of shared justice in internet sustainability

» Ricardo Campos, professor in the areas of data protection, management of digital services and public law in public hearings and committees in the National Congress and in higher courts to discuss topics related to law and technology.

The ITU, the United Nations organization specializing in information and communication technologies, has published a report measuring digital development, which estimates that, in 2022, only 66% of population is online, which leaves approximately 2.7 billion people offline. In the Brazilian context, the ICT Households 2023 survey, conducted by, the Regional Office for Information Development Research, showed that 84% of families are using the internet. Although progress has been seen in recent years, inequality still exists in relation to rural and remote areas and low-income families, compared to cities in cities and families from higher classes. In addition, indicators such as race, gender and age are relevant to identify the problem of the digital divide.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of broadband internet for the use of basic rights and access to essential services makes it very important for good connections around the world. answered. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the concept of effective communication, which is in the process and has increased space in the debate on civil rights for digital inclusion, even that is one of the main topics in the recent G20 meeting. The proposal is designed to establish minimum standards regarding coverage and quality of connection, considering that access, if insufficient, does not guarantee public satisfaction, safety conceived and useful online.

This situation presents the Government and the State with the challenge of finding solutions to achieve the agreed international goals – in the case of Brazil, for example, through the Anatel Strategic Plan 2023-2027 and Multi-Year Plan 2020-2023. It is important, in this context, to turn our attention to the infrastructure that underlies all the work of the internet and which, therefore, must be understood as necessary being the first to achieve all the other stages of digital inclusion. And it is in the fact that the fair share in communication has been discussed in recent years, which aims to rethink the current price structure related to the body the infrastructure that supports the use of the internet. Today, these costs fall exclusively on telecommunications companies and end users, not including large technology companies, responsible for more than 50% of internet traffic. and who extracted significant additional benefits from this process in the new economy. In other words, even if there is interest and benefits from such a process, achieving increased results year after year, they are not responsible for its costs.

Increasingly, large investments are necessary in expanding, maintaining and updating networks, so that they can keep up with the digital changes of today’s society – which are growing of the information sent and, also, to be prepared for. the new generation of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, as well as the impact on different types of business in society, such as health, education and business, transportation, and the provision of public services in general. In the case of Brazil, as seen, these challenges also add to the need to guarantee the universalization of good connectivity, also guaranteeing innovation potential for other sectors of society.

When we talk about social justice in the Brazilian context, it is the stability of the internet and its relationship that is relevant. It is important that we have a big debate on the topic so that the digital revolution in Brazil benefits everyone.

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