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Consumers’ biggest concerns about large-scale linguistic models (LLM) and AI products (GenAI) surround their accuracy, their use in decision-making, and the risks of expose sensitive details to the AI ​​model. Without careful monitoring and planning, GenAI can produce answers that are general, biased, or incorrect. OpenText™ is widely recognized for leading reliable and secure data management through customer service content, enabling users to work quickly and efficiently, and Content Aviator™ is an extension of its mission to help organizations work today, deliver relevant and accurate content. content and keep users and organizations secure and compliant.

OpenText Content Aviator enables a GenAI experience delivered through purpose-built solutions that provide safe and relevant responses, here are its benefits:

–Delivering content related to the correct answer: Good decision-making depends on the most important content. To achieve this, Content Aviator responds to users by collecting the most important data from the business office for analysis through a process called Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Because business entities represent real-world business entities such as customers, employees, products, or orders, the Aviator’s answer is in particular, create content, key points, insights, or answers to questions. All answers refer to the information in the company’s repository for reference or further research.

–Preventing over-sharing of content to respect security and privacy: An important aspect of using GenAI safely is to ensure that responses do not publish data document that the user does not have access or leak personal information by mistake. As a first step, the content should be well protected by proper distribution and maintenance. Content Aviator proactively filters information available to users, sending responses based on content permissions to prevent information leaks or disclosure of sensitive information.

— Dealing with relevant content and context: Content Aviator is designed to respond in relevant contexts through “semantic search.” This system connects the user’s message to the relevant information related to the content of their message in a work environment. By going beyond simple keyword matching to semantic analysis, answers are tied to user intent and business context. For example, the word “bandwidth” can be related to network bandwidth or the capacity of a computer; Through semantic search, the most appropriate answer can be derived from semantic competition. In addition, OpenText’s deep integration into business applications such as SAP or Salesforce allows Content Aviator to provide a combination of key content and relevant business information. related to LLM.

Aviator content will be available for all of OpenText’s content services platforms: OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Documentum™ and OpenText™ Core.

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OpenText, The Information Company™, enables organizations to gain insights through business information management solutions, powered by OpenText Cloud Editions. OpenText powers and protects data to create a competitive advantage at any organization. After the recent acquisition of Micro Focus, OpenText offers customers a wide range of solutions in content, business integration, digital experience, security, technology analytics and AI, new workflows, workflow management and developer APIs. Solutions from OpenText and its team of 25,000 information management professionals worldwide help customers simplify their systems, connect their information, create frictionless automatic, and successful in many parts of the world. In July 2023 OpenText announced “”, a new way to support users to solve complex problems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) with Document Management software from OpenText.

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