The article on “The Law of the Right to Public Access to Information” was published on the Journal of Justice

On Friday, May 5 – at the 47th Buenos Aires International Book Fair that took place at La Rural Fairgrounds – the director of the AAIP, Beatriz Anchorena, presented the book “The Law of the Right of Access to Information Paper” published by the Printing Office of the National Congress (ICN) in the framework of the “Laws Explained” collection. Oscar Benítez, Director of the Office of Justice and Public Access to Information of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Francisco Cimmino, Director of Graphics at ICN and Carlos Romero, who supervised the meeting, also participated in this presentation.

Beatriz Anchorena presented the book

In this place, the Director of the AAIP spoke about Argentina’s journey to education and in the framework of forty years of independence he said “the opening of information on management Respect for governance is important in the history of transparency and access to information”.

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of ICN’s “Plain Laws” Collection, which aims to learn about the laws that have been passed by Congress in a simple and effective way. to contribute to the publication and use of civil rights. In that sense, he said “this book is an instrument of the state’s capacity for training and knowledge of State employees. Many times we believe that the process ends with the law, and this guarantees that we have the law, and the fact is that the process only begins in that instance, because that law has to be done. Compliance with the law bridge is not easy, first you need to create an organization, management policy, you need the budget, the structure, the staff of the staff trained for the this goal and the ability-politics to create it into a performance. guaranteed access to rights”.

AAIP and ICN Graphic Authority

To conclude, Anchorena spoke about “the trends and developments that enter the process of access to information and today we have to respond to, such as the challenges of technology new technology, the use of fraud, its risks and implications, especially in relation to the protection of personal data.”

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