“That’s brilliant, I’ll buy you 10”

A user commented on his social media that he created a device to catch Reggaeton songs and block their development.

The author of this fabrication is @RoniBandini, and his idea quickly spread to “X”.


I have created a device to capture Reggaeton on a neighbor’s speaker and play it Bluetooth. Tomorrow I will surely post the demo and the code“Roni explained.

Most have welcomed this initiative with enthusiasm and are already thinking about buying when it goes on sale.


A wise man“, “Good service to the country“,y”If you patent it and mass produce it, I’ll buy you 10. Set the price you want” are some of the words.

“No one is going to be staring at the door of my house and turning off the car engine if someone listens to that dirty music?” other users continue on the same line.


“Put one on the train where no one can see it, please,” they said later.

Given the flood of comments supporting the design, Roni concluded: “There are many of us who are affected, it seems“.

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