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Telegram and its tips for music lovers

In the discussion environment of Telegram, many channels are presented that are available to download and listen to songs from players in this application. And in the event that the user wants to take advantage of this benefit, they must have access to one of the available music.

Next, it will be necessary to select the option “start”, and, when the virtual assistant (Chatbot) asks the desired question, it should send the name of the song, thus allowing the choice of music. main..

In this context, the main question arises: Where do I find the right place to download or play music? By way of explanation, the famous Fonoma Blog portal has chosen to share the following list:

  • In the channel Infotrapve (@infotrapve), we found the newest music of the city genre and we gave the possibility to get the complete song.
  • On the other hand, Sound Lonely Chillout Music (@relaxchilloutmusic) invites us to enter the world of music for relaxation.
  • Latest news Metal / Hardcore / Rock (@metalhardcorerock) in his extensive catalog with many artists.
  • Rare 90’s Hip-Hop is a channel dedicated to nostalgic fans of American hip-hop and rap music from the 1990s.
  • If you are passionate about music from the 1980s and enjoy many genres such as pop, jazz, soul, house, etc., Solo 80 giving you a huge variety of options.
  • Solo 90 is dedicated to enjoying the musical taste of the 1990s.
  • Finally, the Salsa channel (@salsaful) It covers all the main exponents of the genre, from Celia Cruz to Rubén Blades.

Now, users who want to get free music on Telegram should follow these steps:

  • Start the search by searching icon in the application and type “VK Music Bot”.
  • Enter this discussion and be part of it to access the start guide of the project, where you must interrupt by pressing “/start”.
  • After that, you will be asked to choose another way to identify favorite songs.
  • Finally, a list of options will be displayed, where you must specify the number associated with the song you want to download.

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