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The beginning of Telefónica It was born with the goal of connecting 6 million Peruvians in populated areas. Until now, it has managed to connect 3.3 million of 17,000 rural towns with the deployment of more than 2,200 4G communication towers (base stations).

Of these, 60% is supported by transportation and 40% by satellite infrastructure, which requires more than US$ 100 million.

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In a discussion with Management, the CEO of IPTTeresa did Gomes recalled that 25% of the connections achieved were implemented in the state regional projects of Pronatel, an organization linked to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

The next challenge is more, because the Peruvians that he seeks to lead internet They live in hamlets with difficult geography and barely have 200 people. The director said that in order to complete the remaining investment and make it sustainable, the main points must be completed.

Among them, the success of the state’s initiative to increase the percentage of revenue from the use of radio spectrum made by telecommunications companies for the State. To date, 40% of this payment is used for the deployment of base stations with 4G technology. The plan, which will be completed next year, increases it to 60%. “For us this mechanism is important“Gomes is important. This is because the payment allows them to use the necessary methods to provide connections.

IPT is a rural mobile infrastructure operator (OIMR) that creates a national radio network and, in turn, allows the provision of mobile services to operators with spectrum, mostly in the areas.

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It is in this picture IPT has built infrastructure for its key customers: Telefónica, Entel and Claro. Therefore, for Telefónica, which is its first customer, nearly 2,000 4G bases have been sent, while for Entel it is almost 1,500. With Claro, which was added in March last year, 280 central stations will be reached.

(Photo: Diffusion)

(Photo: Diffusion)

Regional organizations and private support

Another important thing is that the regional fiber optic broadband transport network projects of Amazonas, Puno and Junín carried out by Pronatel will be completed. Gomes explains that these are the ones “vertebral column” go internet last mile to the public areas of these areas.

We are behind the closure of the Amazonas project, which is the network that will allow us to bring connectivity to this region. If this transportation (information) backbone is ready, we can build the last mile and connect people in this area. “We are still looking for (the shooting of) Puno and Junín, which will open the door to areas that we have not entered,” he asked.

In addition to the state networks, another way to make the planned investment possible is “collaborative work” along with other products such as mining. The person in charge IPT He said that it is possible to work with extractive companies to “to increase value in their areas of influence“. “What we need is for them to support us with the initial financing of infrastructure development. We work“, he said.

IPT It has already done so with Anglo American, by bringing 4G service to nine towns in Moquegua. It is also in talks with Compañía Minera Poderosa, Antamina and Buenaventura, as well as Celepsa from the energy sector.

The goal for the first half of 2024 is to build at least 200 parking spaces, an amount that can be accelerated if collaboration with private companies is achieved. Gomes believes that the State will give the green light to the expansion of the implementation of the cost and speed of the projects under the responsibility of Pronatel.


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