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Have you ever wondered why you see ads related to what you talk about or search for online lately? The answer is contained within algorithms ingenious people who rule the world of online advertising. In this paper, we will reveal the mystery self-publishing and how we will investigate these activities algorithms.

Fear of many users

The question why it appears advertising related to our discussions have worried many users. Although we know that those Internet advertising is one, the feeling of invasion. Those privacy It is an important part of our lives, and when it is threatened, an alarm occurs. But why, even understand that the advertising Now, are we important?

The importance lies in the struggle between our earliest thoughts and the modern thoughts that surround us. understand us wanted, thoughts y encouragement can help resolve the discrepancy.

Why is there advertising?

Googleone of the technology companies, gave an explanation of why we clearly report. Interaction with other advertising content, search organic in browser, performance in social networks and demographic factors such as taste, love, age y areaEveryone helps each other report that we look at.

The value of emails which we register and our relationship with them also plays an important role. If we see interest in some content, we will get it advertising related.

Demystifying the role of the microphone

There is a popular belief microphones on our mobile devices to listen to our conversations to take those report. However, Google have repeatedly rejected this theory. He microphone It is only activated by special commands such as “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri”. Also, we provide the option to disable it microphone in such applications Facebook y Googlegive us more control privacy.

From a cell phone

Conversations with those report different from the material Android e This iOS. In this world This iOSthe designs from Steve Jobs They seek to provide user experience advertising less intrusive. Limit tracking Cookies is an option to control the value of report that we accept.

On the other hand, in Androidit adware can do more, show report on the screen or notification bar. Limit the tracking and remove the generated applications report not needed are good measures to reduce excess money advertising.

The role of leadership and intelligence

Come on lead, users are interested in certain content, is important for companies. Together lead and those Artificial intelligence allow companies to create ideas business better. Those Artificial intelligence segment campaigns, analyze user behavior and personalize advertising to attract a specific audience.


He retargeting used Cookies Follow us online after doing the initial search. If you are looking for something special, you will find it report about other websites. These strategies help companies manage and motivate customers, making them more loyal customers.

Did you get the cookies?

Las Cookies They are the key to understanding why we accept report personal. These small files record our online interactions, allowing the company to develop advertising for our liking. Every click, search and time spent on the page leaves a path, creating a virtual profile of each user.

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