TAG Heuer with a Spanish flavor

The TAG Heuer Carrera model has turned 60 years old, and the Swiss company has celebrated it with a special edition for CronotempVs Collectors, because it is connected to the Spanish market.

A special event for a special occasion. This 2023 is the year of Carrera. The famous sports watch from the house of TAG Heuer is 60 years old, and the Swiss company is celebrating it with many activities and special articless. Of the latter, one has just been brought along CronotempVs Collectors for its connection with the Spanish market. CronotempVs Collector is one fan site produced by CronotempVs, a collectors club based in Madrid, founded in 2009 and now has around 120 members. Among its functions is the creation of special products with access to its members.

This limitation of sales, an important policy of the club, encourages the staff to create CronotempVs Collectors in 2017 and thus gives the opportunity to make a special partnership with the brand different, this time available to fans from all corners of the world. The celebration of Carrera’s anniversary is the perfect occasion for TAG Heuer to collaborate with them for the first time.

The design of this special edition was based on the previous CronotempVs Authors’ recommendations. Employees of the club provide a design idea that the company later uses for one of its records. The experience and, why not say it, the good taste of the members of the club to ensure that all their creations have special elements that make them attractive to people authors and fans in general. In the case of the Carrera, they went to nothing less than Heuer’s rich history to find the used 1153BN, dated 1974 and known among fans of the brand with the nickname Yachting by the orange stripes on its minute counter, a place used in old sports chronographs to control the start of regattas.

TAG Heuer Carrera Cron

TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph for CronotempVs Collection


As usual in this type of game, the elements of the past intermingle with the characteristics of the present model which the letter is based on. The things that attract the most people are the aforementioned orange, the gray of the dial, with a subtle rough finish, and the internal theme with the tachymeter. Other things got lost along the way. The case does not have the tonneau shape, or the crown on the left side. Now we see the elegant and well-known The round case of the current Carrera, made of metal in a brushed and polished finishand with a diameter of 42mm each.

The energy also changes. Now use a Heuer 02, design caliber by TAG Heuer itself, with chronograph drive on the wheel and vertical clutch, with a power reserve of 80 hours. Now we also see a transparent window at the bottom of the case that allows us to appreciate the success of the process, which shows its work. oscillating weight in openwork finish. The watch is finished with a perforated black leather strap reminiscent of those previously used by Heuer.

The steel case of the watch comes with a transparent window that allows you to see its automatic caliber.

The metal case of the watch comes with a transparent window that allows you to see its in-house Heuer 02 automatic caliber.

This edition of the Carrera Chronograph is discounted at 5.247 € eachVAT is not included and is displayed in a text 74 behind. To get a copy you need to sign up to the waiting list on the CronotempVs Collectors website, although those interested in it have a physical copy available at TAG Heuer boutique on Serrano Street in Madrid.

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