Tacacá reaches the highest level in internet research; know the reason

Tacacá reaches the highest level in internet research;  know why
Tacacá, a dish of Pará gastronomy. Photo: Print

“I will have tacacá.” If you use social media every day, you may have seen a rare video from the song “Voando Pro Pará” by the singer Joelma.

Data from Google Trends, according to Folha de S. Paulo, shows that, because of the meme, the food from Pará reached the highest level in searches in October since 2004 , the year the platform’s history began.

The song was released in 2016, but it’s only going viral now. On Spotify, there are 7.13 million streams, making it Joelma’s most popular song there. On TikTok, the hashtags #tacacá, #voutomarumtacaca and #tacacajoelma have 26.2 million views.


According to TikTok, songs from different eras and styles have gained new importance and gained a wider audience due to their success on the app. In addition to “Voando Pro Pará”, another song that has become a standard is the song “Vai, Vai Muuuu”, by Rick and Renner, from 2007.

Irís Leite, owner of the restaurant Quintal Paraense, in the north of São Paulo, says that he receives curious customers who want to try the most desirable dishes on the menu, and many came to sing.

Internet interest in tacacá since 2004

It is a great dish from Pará and Amazonian cuisine, also appreciated in other states such as Roraima and Amazonas. It is considered a hot drink, a kind of soup, to be eaten even on a very hot day and without using cutlery.

“(The dish) comes with dried shrimp inside, cooked jambu, pepper and cassava starch. It all comes in a gourd. We eat it there in the afternoon or evening and it’s a complete meal,” says manager and chef from Pará Thiago Castanho.


For the people of Pará, tacacá is a symbol of the way of eating and found in the markets, each one has its own seasoning. “Everyone in Belém, for example, chooses their favorite tent”, said Castanho.

For Leite, tacacá is like São Paulo’s hot dog.

Recipes may vary depending on location. According to Castanho, in Santarém (PA), tacacá is made from fresh water shrimp, while in Belém, shrimp from salt water. Also, there is a place to exchange shrimp for crab.

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