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Every November 8th World No WiFi Day, a day established by the International Environmental Federation (FAI) in 2016, which aims to raise people’s awareness of the risks that occur when using too much wireless connection. Do you want to know how to chat on WhatsApp Messenger without internet? It is possible and from Depor we will show you every step immediately.

Before starting, it is necessary to clarify that WhatsApp cannot work without an internet connectionmeans that you will not be able to use this messaging if you have not activated WiFi or mobile data previously, however, it allows you to talk or share information multimedia without having to activate the above-mentioned tools on your mobile phone.

The point is confusing because you will use WhatsApp by Proxy, what is this? in summary, It is a server that acts as a bridge between your smartphone and the internet connection, useful when there is no Wi-Fi network nearby or you run out of megabytes. It is true that you will send messages and documents, but in the process some personal information will be disclosed, therefore, it is always recommended to get the address Security, here are some pages: Bright Data, Pros, Cons, etc., (Some servers require registration).

Tips to use WhatsApp without internet for World No WiFi Day

  • First, check that WhatsApp no updates pending.
  • Now, open the application and click on the three icon in the upper right corner.
  • A few options will appear > tap on “Settings”.
  • The next step is to click on “Storage and data”.
  • Here click on the section that says “Evidence“> open the change of the same name.
  • Finally, click on “Proxy Host” and add the server code so you can chat without turning on WiFi or data.

How to turn off your WhatsApp account to stop receiving messages and calls

  • Go to “Settings” on your mobile phone Android.
  • Find and click on the section that says “Digital health and parental control”.
  • Find and click the “Concentration Mode” option and enter the “Working Time”.
  • A new window will open > tap “Edit”.
  • Select all apps except WhatsApp.
  • Click on “Done”.
  • You can choose a long time for the deactivation (12 hours maximum or until you decide to deactivate it).
  • Finally, click on “Start”.
  • As you can see, it is not possible to open WhatsApp until you decide to remove the “Work Time” function. The messaging application icon will have lead color and no matter how much you want to enter, Android will not allow it.

Do you like this new information about WhatsApp? Have you learned how to be productive? This application is full of ‘secrets’, codes, shortcuts and new tools that you can continue to try and you just have to enter the link below for more notes WhatsApp in Depor, and that’s it. What are you waiting for?

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