Starlink reduced the price of its satellite internet services by 50% in Peru

The company, owned by Elon Musk, has chosen to reduce its costs in Peru, providing support that will be valid until the end of this year.

Starlink Now offering a special promotion on its satellite internet service in Peru. Until December 31, they have reduced the price a lot, benefiting both radio users and monthly users.

The initial value of the antenna Starlink has been reduced by an impressive 50%, going from 1,750 to 875 alone. This, along with its easy installation, allows users to access the Internet quickly and efficiently.

In terms of monthly plans, the planning standards for buildings have been reduced from 210 to 193 units. This unlimited plan is suitable for quick changes every day.

Also, Starlink provide a useful plan, ideal for companies and users with high data needs. Data plans range from 40GB to 6TB, with prices between 335 and 3,741 per month. The 6TB plan requires a high-performance antenna, which costs 11 thousand soles.

Starlink It has also extended its satellite internet services to ships and boats in Peruvian waters. Prices vary according to needs, from 1,128 units per month for basic plans with 50GB of data, to 22 thousand units per month for services aimed at fleets who need to watch movies and make phone calls. The antenna for this service has an additional cost of 11 thousand soles.

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