Starfield’s next update will be released next week, but with a catch

Through the publication of its profile on X, Bethesda, from Xbox Game Studios, confirmed that the next update of Starfield will be out next week.

According to Bethesda, the new Starfield update will be released with many improvements, bug fixes, HDR, native support for NVidia’s DLSS with frame generator and much more. However, o updated will only be available on PCand still in the beta stage, that is, you have to open the updated manually on Steam. Visit:

We have been working hard on the Starfield update, and we will provide the extension to the Steam Beta next week. This update will introduce NVidia DLSS support with design, control and HDR for supported systems, and other optimizations and improvements. You can choose to try it from the Steam Beta option. We want to hear your feedback before it’s released to all PC and Xbox players.

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