Starfield: A 12 GB texture pack improves image quality on almost any surface

Starfield received a new and huge package, also in this unofficial file, from modder XilaMonstrr, which published a 12 GB package can improve image rendering of the various locations and models available in the game.

In fact, it is a mod, but designed specifically to improve most of the textures related to the Starfield environment, so it does not introduce changes to gameplay or content, but only increases the solution and the details of the various places now in the game. .

You can find the 4K Texture Pack at this address, and by downloading and using it you will see some improvements in the production of files and the variety of the scenery, although the warnings which concerns all the mods most likely to be obviously used, especially those who have not yet taken advantage of the official Starfield mod toolkit, which will be released in 2024.

Texture was done using Chainner and ESRGAN, that is, tools based on intelligence, which makes the process of improving the graphics.

However, all the results are visible, improving all the graphics does not affect all the monitors delivered by the manufacturer. Still talking about Starfield mods, one recently appeared about the theory that revealed the option of radiation in the game, while one revealed free planes of the planets without interruption.


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